One of the main strengths of D4X Technologies is the ability to address different technologies which difficult to get and manage. Our unique technology capabilities are;

  1. Power Electronics – D4X Tech has capability in designing power electronics systems from 200 Watts 10 KW specially for Ship Protection systems for both commercial and naval ships.
  2. Robotics – D4X Tech has developed Robotic elements of various functions for different applications. Currently has developed set of Robotic Elements for educational systems.
  3. Educational Electronics – D4X Tech has developed education technology learning systems for Basic Electronics, advanced electronics topics and  sensors.
  4. Electric & Hybrid Vehicles – D4X Tech is helping companies in their development of Connected Vehicles covering Cycles, Scooters and Hybrid motorbikes. Technologies from selection of  Motors, batteries, Battery Management Systems, Vehicle Controllers and intelligent dashboards.
  5. Internet of Things – Solution for liquor industry, Battery manufacturing and Intelligent Lighting. Has developed complete end to end solution.

Another unique strength that D4X Technologies offers is a set of workflows for consistent output and quality.

  1. FORES– Framework for evaluating IoT solutions for feasibility. FORES Index shows the feasibility of the solution considered for profitability.
  2. SIETI – Workflow for taking a research idea to the manufacturing.
  3. DEFINE – Frame work for New Product Development hitting “Right at First Time”.
  4. SCoPE– Frame work for enclosure design of electronic products for fail proof design.
  5. OpeNPI – Open New Product Introduction (NPI) process for transitioning to manufacturing line.
  6. InPRES – Integrated Product Reengineering service for rejuvenating the existing products.