D4X Technologies Private Limited is premier Product Design & Engineering Partner focused on designing robust and cost effective electronic products.

D4X Technologies currently offers;

  • Full Product Development from Concept to Manufacturing.
  • Product Design for regulated industries like Medical Devices, Avionics and Industrial systems.
  • Conversion of pilot prototypes to large volume manufacturing (INPRES).
  • New Product Implementation with established EMS vendors.
  • Product certification support for EMC/EMI, HALT & HASS and other standards.
  • Incubator Support for Start-ups and MSMEs in their product development and scaling.
  • Development of Educational aids STEM and Children with Autism.
  • Test Engineering for manufacturing testing.

Why we do what we do!

    With 90’s being taken over by the IT Industry, electronics hardware design engineering skill has become scarce. D4X Technologies was formed to address the situation. D4X Technologies focuses exclusively on Electronics Products design, engineering and manufacturing. Focus is on designing robust products at optimal cost and manufactured in India. Unique feature of D4X Technologies is the ability to address multiple domain products.

    We help MSMEs and Start-ups in their product development by way of offering ecosystem and technical& business mentoring so that they are successful. With electronics manufacturing completely outsourced we help SMEs and Start-ups in getting ready to meet the needs of outsourced manufacturing.


    D4X Technologies was founded by S.A.Srinivasa Moorthy an industry veteran with over 33 years of experience in Product Design, Engineering and manufacturing. He has developed products for global markets. Moorthy has the expertise for developing products in the most efficient and cost effective way. His long experience in large R&D, Design Services and Manufacturing organizations enabled him to create simple process for product development. He has developed multiple frameworks for product development and engineering and some of them are;

  • DEFINE – a framework for Electronics Product Development.
  • SCoPE – a framework for Electronic Packaging.
  • CLIF – a methodology for Product Life Cycle Management.
  • SEITI – Framework for developing training aids for children with ASD.

 In addition to S.A.Srinivasa Moorthy D4X Technologies has;

  • Dr. Ramya S Moorthy a robotics expert with vast experience in Product Development for Special Children.
  • Mr. K.R Gopinath a Product Design and Process expert  with over 40 years of experience.
  • Mr. A.S. Jambunathan a compliance expert with over 3 decades of product design experience as directors and advisers to help customers.