Digitally Controlled Anti Fouling System for Ships (DAFS)

  • This system is used in all the ships/boats to prevent the internal pipelines getting clogged by the marine organisms.
  • Existing system were less efficient and uses older generation controls.
  • This new design is fully digital and has fully digital programmable power supply for the system working.
  • Increased efficiency and  less expensive and more than that less complex with fewer boards.



Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS)

  • This product was developed to replace an expensive Imported product with an indigenized version.
  • The product is a drop-in replacement for the existing imported version in the ship.
  • Uses Digital Control technology for the control of current with state of the art PWM based Single Chip design.
  • Cost reduction by almost 50%.
  • System efficiency increased from 50% to 80% saving power, size reduced by 2/3rd the original size.



Low Ripple Mil Grade Power Supply

  • Unique (Patent Applied) DC voltage- controlled Power Supply with 0.1% ripple for Naval Application.
  • Small foot print with configurable Ripple Filter.
  • Output Voltage : 1.2 – 10 Volts.
  • Output Current :25 Amp.
  • Control Voltage: 0-2.5V.
  • Output Ripple : 0.1%.



High Wattage FPSO System

  • ICCP System for Floating Production Storage and Offloading  system.
  • Protection current in the range of 900 Amps and 1300 Amps.
  • Intelligent Synchronization Design for high current output.
  • Multiple Reference Cell Support.
  • Advanced Control Algorithm for optimal control.

Connected Cycle Controller System

  • Central controller developed for a Assisted Electric Cycle.
  • Controller based on a 8 bit processor with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Runs patented algorithm for different terrains and heart conditions.
  • Can be paired to Mobile application or direct cloud based on need.